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How to Use- Admin



In the menu section, admin can define categories and their corresponding subcategories that will be available on the platform.

 Admin can assign these categories to restaurants while onboarding them on the platform. The restaurants can add/update subcategories and products inside them but not the top-level categories.

Adding a category

Inside the menu section, admin can add categories by selecting the + icon present in the categories column

A category is defined by name, tax, description, and image for both web app and app.

This tax %age is then used to calculate tax in bill breakdown while you place an order.

Adding a subcategory

You can add subcategories inside a category by selecting a category and then click add subcategory option below the category column. 

A new subcategory is created by providing name, description, image for web and mobile

The category dropdown can be used to define under which category this subcategory will fall. You can change it by selecting any category from the category dropdown list.

Once the categories and subcategories are defined you can now onboard restaurant on your platform and assign these categories and subcategories to them.


Setup Restaurant

First, you have to set up a restaurant from the admin panel, to register a restaurant/supplier on the platform.

Click on add restaurant to fill a form with required details like name, email, phone, address, and delivery modes

Delivery modes can be:

  1. delivery - In case of delivery you have to define admin commission for delivery orders

  2. Self-pickup - In case of self-pickup you have to define admin commission for self-pickup orders

  3. Both - In case of restaurant/suppler supports both delivery/self-pickup, we have to define both admin commission for delivery orders & admin commission for self-pickup orders

  4. One can also assign top level categories to the restaurant/supplier under which restaurant/supplier can define his/her subcategories and products

Once a restaurant/supplier is registered he/she will receive an email with auto-generated passwords.

After the restaurant is registered it shows on the list. You can view the basic details of the restaurant in the list like name, email, admin commission, and revenue generated and the option to disable the restaurant if you want to

Restaurant profile

Once a restaurant is registered, you can view or update its information like Basic details(name, email, phone number, admin commission, delivery charges), Geofence( serving area of the restaurant), Catalog(categories, subcategories, and products), Rating & Reviews, Configuration(preparation time, delivery time and store availability).

  1. Basic Details

Admin/Subadmin can view/update basic information like
Name, address, email, phone number, license number & admin commission (for both delivery and self-pickup orders), delivery charges, store image, store cover photo as well as can mark store enable/disable.

  1. Geofence

Admin/Subadmin can define the serving area of restaurant and also can view the same on map.
The serving area is defined as radius of the circle in kms inside which restaurant will b visible to the customers.

  1. Catalog

Inside catalog section(Food items), admin/subadmin can assign more categories/subcategories to the restaurant from the admin defined categories/subcategories or add new products inside category/subcategory.

3.1 Assign categories
Admin/subadmin can assign more categories or subcategories by selecting assign categories in the catalog(food items) section under restaurant details

How does it work?

To assign top level categories there is option assign categories that are not already assigned, you can also remove existing assigned categories. To assign specific subcategories you see checkbox inside subactegories of the category you want to assign and after selecting them press assign selected categories to assign selected subcategories to the restaurant.

3.2 Add Products(FoodItems)
admin/subadmin can add/edit product/food item inside a category/subcategory by pressing the “+” icon on the product list or edit the product by pressing the edit icon against that product.

Adding a product is a 3 step process

  1. First add the product name, available quantity, product image and description

  2. Set product price

  3. Add customization if any in the product (like the type of sauces) - you can different customizations(add ons). Each addon consist of name, whether its single select or multi-select and you can define the choices along with the price of each customization(addon)

  4. after adding you can view them in the list (all the customization belonging to that product) and edit or delete a particular customization

  1. Configuration

The configuration contains 2 sections:

  1. Delivery timings
    Here admin/subadmin or restaurant can add/update preparation time i.e taken to process each order, and maximum & minimum delivery time required to deliver any order.
    Order expected time is based on both preparation time + maximum delivery time

  2. Time Slots
    To define the availability of restaurant. The number of hours it is opened for and against each day. If for any reason restaurant want to close for any day due to any reason there’s a toggle against each day to mark in unavailable for that day.